The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales

The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales None
  • Title: The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales
  • Author: Forrest Carter
  • ISBN: 9780440193449
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Virginian Vengeance Trail TV Episode Jan , Directed by Thomas Carr With Charles Bickford, Doug McClure, Clu Gulager, Don Quine Stacey is forced to kill a man who tries to rob him He returns the body to the man s sister who asks Stacey to leave rather than see the Sheriff She is afraid their younger brother who joins the Shiloh cattle drive will try for revenge. The Vengeance Trail Dragonheart Kindle edition by Smr and his young crew go not only to rescue Aethelflaed and her children but also to wreak vengeance on the Norse who devastated the Land of the Wolf They have taken their first steps on the deadly, Vengeance trail Once begun there is no turning back You succeed or you die The Vengeance Trail Kindle edition by Hosker, Griff Smr and his young crew go not only to rescue Aethelflaed and her children but also to wreak vengeance on the Norse who devastated the Land of the Wolf They have taken their first steps on the deadly, Vengeance trail Once begun there is no turning back You succeed or you die The Vengeance Trail on Apple Books The Vengeance Trail Steve Hailes . . Publisher Description In February, , the war with Mexico ended Terms of that treaty ceded most of the southwest of the North American continent to the United States Shortly after, rumors of gold in California began to filter back to the United States Many of the men who fought in the The Vengeance Trail True West Magazine The Vengeance Trail May Ollie Reed Jr C Courtney Joyner s Shotgun The Bleeding Ground Pinnacle Books, . is the follow up to Joyner s Shotgun, the novel that introduced us to Dr John Bishop, who lost his wife, son and most of an arm to vicious outlaws.
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    1. Asa Earl Forrest Carter was an American political speechwriter and author He was most notable for publishing novels and a best selling, award winning memoir under the name Forrest Carter, an identity as a Native American Cherokee In 1976, following the publication success of his western The Rebel Outlaw Josey Wales, The New York Times revealed Forrest Carter to be Southerner Asa Earl Carter His background became national news again in 1991 after his purported memoir, The Education of Little Tree, was re issued in paperback and topped the Times paperback best seller lists both non fiction and fiction It also won the American Booksellers Book of the Year ABBY award.Prior to his literary career as Forrest , Carter was politically active for years in Alabama as an opponent to the civil rights movement he worked as a speechwriter for segregationist Governor George Wallace of Alabama founded the North Alabama Citizens Council NACC and an independent Ku Klux Klan group and started the pro segregation monthly titled The Southerner.From

    2. When I saw there was a sequel to The Outlaw Josey Wales the Good Reads link doesn t seem to work, but it s on my Westerns shelf , I wondered why Clint Eastwood didn t film it The original was a good sized hit, and the movie is now considered a cult classic Then, about the mid way point, I saw a significant, unfilmable speed bump in what has to be one of the most violent rape scenes that I have run across in fiction It s not gratuitous, it fits the context And this is a novel of vengeance, so the [...]

    3. Though I was really looking forward to reading this one, I was forced to take my sweet time reading it thanks to complications in real life Hate it when that happens When at last I had time to read it again, I tore through it This was a great western story I thought There was tons of action, small fights, big fights, chases, ambushes I loved it Josey was as great a character as I remembered, but I also liked Pablo, Chato, and Ten Spot There were some moments of humor too that had me giggling at [...]

    4. The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales by Forrest Carter Delacorte Press 1976 Fiction Western This is the sequel to Gone to Texas, which is the book upon which the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales is based This story finds Josey living quietly in a peaceable community after the excitement of the first book s adventures The peaceful life ceases when a bad Mexican comes to town and forces Josey to act This is a pretty good Western As an interesting aside, author Forrest Carter who also wrote the excellent [...]

    5. An imaginative, captivating bad ass tale of honor, friendship and adventure And for anyone who is preparing to decry the author for his bigoted past, yes, I m aware of Carter s white supremacist douchery, but I m talking simply about the story he tells here The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales is the sequel to Gone to Texas, the story on which the film The Outlaw Josey Wales was based Carter can be a bit too lofty and adamant at times, but he kept me reading all the way through If you like stories [...]

    6. It mostly reads like a spaghetti western, but there is to the book than the bumpy, wild ride of violence through the Mexican desert Small artistic moments and some drawn out philosophical perspectives make for good additions for this enjoyable book.

    7. Certainly not as bad as some reviewers have branded it, The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales is a serviceable sequel to a really good Western novel.This book put me in mind of several other books, most notably Fred Gibson s Savage Sam, the sequel to Old Yeller Well, except with some graphic rape and murder But the two sets of novels have some stuff in common, with Old Yeller and Gone To Texas both being superior novels with original plots and both sequels being chase stories through the Old West. [...]

    8. Another book that has failed the illustrious rule of 50 I read Forrest Carter s excellent Gone to Texas last week and was very impressed Sadly this sequel failed to live up to my expectations.I read somewhere that after the success of The Outlaw Josey Wales based on Gone to Texas Clint Eastwood was interested in making a sequel movie based on this book He pulled the plug on the idea and the second movie was never made I am guessing that he made this decision after actually reading the book.The s [...]

    9. It s funny how you can read a book and see it as one thing, but then find out something about the author that competently changes the message of something they wrote I certainly have that trouble with both of Carter s Josey Wales books, Gone to Texas and The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales.See when I first read these books in the late 1970 s I had no idea that Forest Carter was actually Asa Carter, former Ku Klux Klan leader, committed segregationist and one time speech writer for Alabama governo [...]

    10. Settled down with his adopted family, Josey Wales, now happily married to the young fair Jayhawker and living peacefully with the wise Indian, Indian women, Grandma and the Spanish Vasquezs from Santo Rio times are good Then a storm from Mexico, in the name of Escobeto, sweeps into the small town where Josey was befriended What happens next will force Josey to react under the guerilla code.Carters sequel to Gone to Texas is a non stop action western thriller With far deeper character development [...]

    11. It is a shame that Forrest Carter died at age 56 His books are great Why Clint Eastwood did not make the sequel to The Outlaw Josey Wales , I will not know Unless Mr Eastwood contacts me, an unknown author with a sharp jab and a shuffling gait.Not Eastwood you nit, me Anyhow I strongly recommend you stop slapping your alcoholic husband, come, put your underwear back on, get a piece of moldy bread from the kitchen and read this story.Here is a spoiler I think I may have wet myself.

    12. Gone to Texas The Outlaw Josey Wales was a hard act to follow and this sequel doesn t quite live up to it The vengeance is shoe horned in a little and the new characters are overly simplistic A grim read, as you might expect, but enjoyably simplistic.

    13. It certainly is better than the last 3 books that I ve read none of them will even be mentioned hereafter Great entertainment and it relates a tale after the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales It s too bad their are no sequels.

    14. I read this because I saw the movie with Clint Eastwood I like the western once in a while I liked this one.

    15. Not bad I d grade it at about 78% of Cormac McCarthy s Blood Meridian Too bad the author died before writing novels.

    16. This book was wonderful It was gritty, disturbing, exciting I highly recommend this book if you love westerns and Gone to Texas

    17. Good book At first glance it s just a western novel but Forrest Carter weaves in political and economic subtexts so you don t even realize you re learning something useful

    18. One of the best westerns I ve ever read One that I ve read again and again Good action, some funny dialog, and a good story of honor and revenge.

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